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mental health


Looking after our mental health is paramount to our sense of wellbeing as a human. Most people do not look after their mental health in the same way that they do their physical health. I often compare  a physical injury to a mental health issue to explain this point more accurately. If you are playing sports and you fall and injure or sprain your ankle, you will not think twice about going to the A & E and getting an X-Ray on your foot to see what the damage is. You will then receive guidance from the nurse or doctor on what course of treatment to take. This will often involve going to a physio once a week for an extended period of time before you can get up and running again.

Conversely, a person with a mental health difficulty, for example connecting with others or anxiety, will often notice the symptoms for YEARS, and simply do nothing about it. The person in question may retreat into themselves, fearing going outside of the house and meeting others. The same person may avoid social contact, or social events. There may be a steady reduction in sleep quality, a rise in poor diet, and the eradication of fitness training in ones life. Yet, this same person does nothing about it. People may say to this person ''have you thought about seeing a counsellor'', to which the reply may be ''that isn't really my thing''. 

The difference is striking. Yet physical and mental health are both of equal importance. I would go as far as to say mental health is most important because it is mind that decides when to exercise, eat, sleep, and connect with others. Mind matters most, as mind precedes all action. The stigma in many peoples mind prevents them from making the choice to seek help for a mental health difficulty.

You can rest assured that I have held stigma surrounding my own journey to using a counsellor. I recognise that it can be a difficult first step to admit that ''I need to change something here''. But again taking the situation above, whereby a person sought the help they need for an ankle injury. You wouldn't walk around on a sprained ankle without seeking help. So why on earth walk around with a mental burden, pain, or suffering without seeking help? Truly caring for yourself requires you to make a choice to receive the help you need and deserve. 

If you are in the midst of a mental health difficulty please do not hesitate to contact me. You will be treated compassionately, safely, confidentially, and with care. It is high time to care for your mental wellbeing.

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