About eddie kendrick

I aim to build a relationship with you in confidence, whereby you have the opportunity to explore your thoughts, feelings, emotions, difficulties, and concerns in a safe, non-judgmental, and open environment. 

about me

I would like to use this page to introduce you to who I am as a counsellor, and to explain my background and approach as a therapist.

I have been engaged in personal development for a decade, and have been working relationally and professionally since 2016. Having studied personally, professionally, and academically since my late teens, I have moved into formal professional study, training, and practice since 2018, whilst working with individuals and groups for the past number of years.   

Prior to my professional training, I explored my own being as a human, completing extensive study into counselling, meditation, mindfulness, Yoga, and massage practice. This exploration entailed many months and hours contemplating the nature of the human condition through my own personal lens. I now recognise through my own growth and development, what may be useful for others.

If you are interested in counselling and you feel I may be able to help you on your journey, then please give me a call. 

professional training & qualifications

Eddie graduated with a First Class Honors Master's in Counselling and Psychotherapy from the Irish College of Humanities and Applied Science's (ICHAS) in 2019.

Prior to completing his M.A., Eddie was awarded a First Class Bachelor of Art's Degree in Arts and Humanities from the National University of Ireland, Galway (NUIG) in 2013.

Eddie has further qualifications in Yoga Teacher Training from the Nepal Yoga Academy, Nepal, and a certificate in Zen Shiatsu Massage Therapy from the Sati School of Zen Shiatsu, Goa, India.

Eddie has completed over 500 hours of intensive meditation practice in the Buddhist meditation technique of Vipassana (insight meditation). 

Eddie has a wealth of experience working with those at various stages of cancer, and the families of those with cancer diagnosis. Eddie completed his Harvard created Thrive and Survive cancer support practitioner training program whilst working in the Cancer Support Centre, Circle of Friends, Tipperary Town. 

Eddie has worked intensively in the Autistic and Disability sector for a number of years, with a knowledge of the difficulties of families and individuals who have been subject to such a diagnosis. 

Eddie is currently facilitating a meditation group in Cahir each week.

Eddie has completed further studies in the Synthesis training program, Working with Psychedelics. Eddie has an interest in the future of mental health programs that utilise entheogen's such as psilocybin. 

Furthermore, Eddie was born and bred into a pub environment, giving him an extensive knowledge of the effects of alcohol on the individual and their families. This knowledge has allowed Eddie to explore the different facets of addiction to substances and behaviours such as alcohol, phone addiction, drugs, gambling, and porn addiction. 

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