How do I book in?

You can contact me by phone, text, or email. When you first make contact, there will be an initial consultation to see if we are a good fit for each-other. We will then proceed to book a time and date that is suitable to us both.

Phone or text 089 946 7712 or


What to expect on your first visit?

Many people are first introduced to counselling from television programs, movies, or images in popular culture that depict a client lying down on a sofa whilst looking into the distance as a therapist dissects the clients mind and being. Thankfully, for most of you, this image is incorrect.

Your first session will involve you sitting across from your therapist, whilst you both discuss the reasons for you coming to counselling this week. You will be invited to explore your concerns with the therapist. The therapist will also explore some important themes such as confidentiality, ethics, supervision, and professionalism. You will get the opportunity to ask your therapist any questions that you deem necessary. It is essential that you feel safe, comfortable, and confident that you can trust and work with your therapist.

Upon ending the first session, you will not be rushed into making an appointment for next week. Rather, you will be invited to consider if you match with your therapist, if you feel you can work with him, and to discover whether or not you feel a connection or ‘fit’ with the therapist. There is a 48 hour period in which you will be asked to explore these questions in yourself, and if you are happy to continue, then and only then, will you be asked to book a further session.  

The reasoning for this method is that often after a session you may feel that it is ‘ignorant’ or ‘rude’ not to book a follow-up session. Indeed, this is not the case, but I have sat in a client’s chair and felt slightly pressured into deciding on the spot as to booking a follow up session. I do not wish this same feeling for you. 

When you reconnect with me to book your follow up session, we will both know that you have thought it through and feel comfortable to continue working together to reach your desired outcome. 

What is the cost of each session?

Each one hour session costs 50 euro. I also offer a one and a half hour session. The cost of this session is 70 euro.   

There is a sliding scale payment option available for those who are unable to offer the general cost of therapy. In this case, you will be invited to partake in therapy, paying what you can at that moment in time.

Please do not let the cost of therapy prevent you from achieving your goals. 

How long does each session last?

The standard length of therapy session is between 50-60 minutes. However, sessions may go on longer at certain times for a variety of reasons.

Sessions with adolescents are typically shorter, but not always. Such sessions are between 45-50 minutes in duration. However, this may not always be the case.

How often do we meet?

How long is a piece of string? 

Unfortunately, there is no exact science that can be generalised to all people on how often a therapist and client are required to meet.

If you obtained a physical injury playing hurling or football, how long would you need to spend at the physio?

Some people refuse to go, others think they are ‘fine’. Some go once and feel great, whisht others still, may go each week for six months. It all depends on the injury, the person, and the set of circumstances surrounding the injury. One size does not fit all.

However, after your second session you will be generally asked to commit to a set number of sessions, either weekly or bi-weekly, whereupon you will commit to reaching your desired goals. 

Many people feel that six sessions are adequate for their goals, whilst others desire more time. This will be entirely up to you and where you are at in life. There will be no pressure, only a compassionate and transparent explanation of the therapist’s ‘idea’ of moving forward together.

How do I know what I say will not be shared with anybody?

Confidentiality is a central tenet of any counselling practice. This service is no different.

You will be provided with a safe, secure, and private space in which you are free to discuss anything. All your personal information will be protected in line with GDPR.

This service is bound by the ethical code of ethics as set forth by the Association of Professional Counsellors and Psychotherapists (APCP). Within this document are also the limits of confidentiality. 

The limits of confidentiality concern’s the rare cases when confidentiality may have to be broken. This will be discussed in full within the first session. If you are unsure or concerned about this issue, please do not hesitate to discuss this with your therapist. The therapist will ensure that you clearly and completely understand these limitations. 

I have a question that is not answered here?

If you have any other query or concern, or are looking for more information about counselling, please do not hesitate to contact me directly by calling 089 946 7712, or email if you do not wish to talk to me directly. 

I will be happy to answer all your queries or attempt to abate your concerns in the strictest confidentiality.

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