my therapeutic approach 

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My therapeutic approach is integrative, which means I use a variety of theories and tools during our sessions. This is collaborative, where you and I work together to find the truth behind what is holding you back, discovering this, and then working towards releasing it. 

I believe that there is a need to go back and understand the 'why' of our issues, looking for patterns that keep us feeling stuck in life or thinking. I also believe that this work alone is not enough, we then need to move forward, to live in the present, and to learn to let go and heal from our past. This often involves change or acceptance.

The main approaches that I use in my therapeutic approach are Person Centered,  Somatic's, Existentialism, and, Humanism. I also commonly utilise Psycho-Education, Narrative Therapy, mindfulness, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), Transactional Analysis, Psychodynamic principles, Jungian Psychology, Body Movement, and Breathwork. 

Ultimately, my approach attempts to put the client first, making you feel safe, secure, heard, and understood. When a connection ensues, and trust builds between therapist and client, a relationship can then develop. This is the central aspect of any therapeutic approach; the trusting relationship between therapist and client. 

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